Business Plan

A custom business plan strategy can be thought of as the guide towards progress. Any business strategy needs to have an arrangement that incorporates objectives, risk management, picks an appropriate model, and advances progress. It’s not only a report that details a couple of key points for business success, but it’s also a detailed, long haul undertaking, with various purposes relying upon the objectives the business decides to accomplish and takes into consideration, for example, funding, market survey, advertisements, and so forth. AceNorm is happy to craft your business plan for you no matter the level of complexity.



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What is your mission and vision statement? If any

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What City & State is your business located? Is it an LLC/Inc./Ltd./C or S-Corp?

Who are your competitors?

What is your mission and vision statement? If any

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What is your mission and vision statement? If any

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Cost per Sale

Projected Yearly growth of Sales (the business has a marketing plan and the plan should have a significant influence on sales growth)

Expansion plan (if any)

Financial information

Amount invested

Startup Asset purchased including price for each (e.g. projector, chairs and table etc.)

Startup expenses

Recurrent expenses (monthly or yearly expenses)

Staff plan

Payment to staff

List all taxes that will be paid and their rate (e.g. corporate tax, payroll tax, value added tax, education tax e.t.c)

General information

Credit policy

Profit sharing policy

Expected monthly and yearly growth of income and expenses:

How much are you willing to invest into the business

Are you taking loan?

How much

What is the rate of interest?

When did you intend paying back? Indicate whether the payment is instalment and how much per instalment.

What percentage of the profit did you intend to take as the owner and what percentage did you intend to reinvest back to the business.