Definition of Terms

Agreement’ alludes to these Terms and Conditions.

‘Company, ‘Service’, ‘We’ mean the Organization that provides research and writing services to Clients as per the characterized terms spread out in this term of service.

Writer’ is the individual, who has consented to work with the Company on an independent premise to offer research and writing services under our terms.

Client‘ is the individual who puts in an Order Request with the Company to acquire the product according to specific requirements and according to terms of service detailed here.

Order’ is an electronic request for paid assistance from the Client for a specific product or service.

Order Status’’ characterizes order progress on a specific stage.

‘Product’ is an electronic document that is the conclusive outcome of an order.

Order Update’ is a reviewed version of the first product turned in by Writer.

Support’ is the Company’s customer care team that oversees the request process and ensures customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Team’’ Evaluate the quality of the product and services provided.

Credit Account’ is a money account designed to hold a client’s cash deposit for an uncomplemented order or ongoing order.


Account Registration

To access and utilize certain segments of the Website and the Website services, you are required to register for an account. Subject to the website Terms of Service, certain parts of the website are accessible to Guests, including those segments before your account registration is approved. AceNorm maintains whatever authority is needed to decline a request to join AceNorm, for any legal explanation.


To register for an account or utilize the website and website services, you confirm that you (an) are an individual of 18 years or above who can understand and enter into a legally binding contract; (b) is legitimately able to enter a contract with us; (c) is not denied by law from utilizing website services; (d) you don’t have more than one account with us; (e) you have not recently been expelled from our website, except if you have our express composed consent to make another Record.